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“Facts speak louder than a thousand words.”

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WHO Flyers Switzerland - Mailbox Campaign 2024
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The negotiations of the World Health Organization are NOT about improving your health. Their focus is centered around pooling the power of governments and corporations to profit from endless “pandemics”. So we are faced with an attempt to enshrine corruption in international law, and on a scale that is absolutely unprecedented. – March 15, 2024

UN Agenda 2030 (The Trojan Horse!)

Everything is happening before our eyes!
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WHO Pandemic Accord
Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB)
WHO Historic Global Accord
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Local and international info, news and theses about the Covid-19 epidemic in Switzerland. Constructive and open exchange of knowledge about the current threat situation, legal issues, as well as prevention, tips and tricks.

The COVID-19 Act in
Switzerland is currently inforce until
(Status: 01/01/2024)

Research groups:

„It’s not just…“

The tree of life is the world connector.
The primal power of earth, heaven and the underworld is contained in it.
It is very important in many cultures around the world.
In the Tree of Life all life is one!

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